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The downsides to not auditing your vendors impact your entire operation. When overcharges, duplicate payments, duplicate bills, and miscalculated rebates or discounts go undetected, even small errors add up to significant losses. And without an established vendor auditing process and program, the money that belongs back in your budget, ends up lost forever. 

Whether your goal is cost recovery, compliance, risk management, or all of the above, we’ve put together a best practices guide entitled, “5 Insider Tips That Will Revolutionize Your Next Vendor Audit,” to guide you through best practices to reap the full benefits of vendor audits using insights from decades of experience. Don’t let catchable and avoidable errors fall through the cracks. There’s no better time than now to implement an effective vendor audit process that increases your returns–it could save you millions

In this guidebook, you’ll learn:

  • Tips to find and recover more profits in your vendor audits 
  • How to maximize recoveries by picking the right vendors to audit 
  • Insights into maintaining positive relationships with vital vendors, while ensuring that profit belonging to you is accounted for
  • How to prepare for audits both internally and externally and handle common hurdles that can throw a wrench in the effectiveness of your vendor audit process
  • How to streamline your vendor audit process to be more effective in achieving your audit goals