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Capabilities Assessments

The right people, processes, and technology will make your entire operation more efficient. More productive. And more profitable.

A little fine-tuning. Are there deficiencies slowing down processes? Preventing people from doing their best? Is risk creeping in? Every company can benefit from a fresh perspective.

Supplier risk management. We take a close look at your suppliers. You need to know that their teams are qualified, certified, and not compromising quality.

Technology. When the right technology gets to the people who need it most, a digital upgrade becomes a digital transformation.

Internal Process and Controls

Are your process and controls streamlining operations like a superhighway? We’ll identify the bottlenecks and find ways to speed productivity.

Knowledge is power. From supply chain to AP, even the best system can lose its edge over time. Let’s find out where weaknesses are – and shore them up.

Rare talent. Our smart, savvy team has specialized in supply chain, cost containment, contracts, risk mitigation, and more – for decades.

The right tools. Our technologies address your specific challenges and empower you to strengthen internal controls.

Regulatory Compliance

The questions can change faster than the answers you thought you had. Our compliance masters have the specialized skills – and the time – to wade through a quagmire of requirements.

Get compliant. You need assurance about when, where, and how to comply. We make it our business to keep you on top of today’s regulations.

One of our custom Compliance Privacy programs delivered ahead of deadline – and eliminated a massive data request backlog in just 30 days.

Stay compliant. We remain at the cutting edge of new rule releases and amendments. We also monitor proposed rules so you’ll be ready for changes down the road.

EHS Consulting

Be compliant, responsible, and increase revenue with a stronger EHS program. We’ll highlight your strengths, uncover deficiencies, bulletproof controls, build culture, and map implementation.

Rock solid assurance. Our EHS leader holds a Master’s degree in Environmental, Health, and Safety. He and his team deliver assurance that your program is operating as intended.

Mitigate risk. Boost profits. A single incident can bring lawsuits and impact your stock price. Add lost revenue from a shutdown, and the value of your EHS program just skyrocketed.

Everyone matters. Employees, suppliers, community residents – their safety, health, and peace of mind depend on you. When your program is locked down, everyone sleeps better at night.

Our team here unanimously concurs that Revenew was very professional, fair and easy to work with throughout this process. We are very appreciative of the long relationship and look forward to continuing it well into the future.

Asset Recovery Coordinator, Fortune 150 Company