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We deliver what’s yours in the first place: eligible sales and use tax refunds. Our work isn’t done until your claim is granted and your refund paid.

Proven results. We’ve identified an eligible refund for every one of our clients. From state and local sales tax to fuel and excise tax – we’ve recovered tens of millions of dollars.

Tax specialists. Tax codes are overly complex and constantly changing. But our “insider” experts include CPAs and executives who’ve worked as state tax auditors. They get the job done.

Self-funded profit recovery. Our tax recovery fees are contingency based, so no budgeting is required.

By taking advantage of expiring refund opportunities, we delivered $1.5 million in recovered sales tax for one client.

Let’s talk about the tax recovery challenges you’re facing.

Case Study

The realized tax recoveries and savings we delivered to our client averaged 400% ROI over a three-year period.

Our team here unanimously concurs that Revenew was very professional, fair and easy to work with throughout this process. We are very appreciative of the long relationship and look forward to continuing it well into the future.

Asset Recovery Coordinator, Fortune 150 Company