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Hundreds of thousands of invoices pass through accounts payable departments: most without error. But not all. Whether it’s overcharges, duplicate bills, returned items, or overpayments – the lost revenue adds up.

Greater detection, faster. Our gainIQ analytics software performs over 260 tests, with 70 root cause analyses. We take care of all required tasks – offsite and with the most minimally-intrusive system out there. 

Contract compliance. Our contract specialists perform a line-by-line analysis of contracts, invoices, payment transactions, and POs – a deep dive that delivers.

An “insider” advantage.  Our people have experience working as AP managers for companies like yours. They’ll leverage valuable insights that help to uncover lost revenue. 

Respect for your vendors. We value your suppliers as much as you do. Correcting and preventing errors that occur over time builds confidence and trust between you and your vendors.

Our vendor payment audit recovered over $1.3 million in retrospective overpayments for one client. 

Continuous improvement. Our audit strategy also improves performance down the road. We verify that controls are working, provide benchmarks, and create vendor oversight awareness.

No recoveries = no fees. With a percentage of recovered dollars as our compensation, our profit recovery and containment service requires zero budgeting. It pays for itself.

Our team here unanimously concurs that Revenew was very professional, fair and easy to work with throughout this process. We are very appreciative of the long relationship and look forward to continuing it well into the future.

Asset Recovery Coordinator, Fortune 150 Company