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The volume of contracts that you have to deal with, paired with the complexities of those active contracts can get overwhelming. Do you find yourself facing any of these challenges?

  1. Your team is too busy to conduct the number of audits you need
  2. You're having trouble keeping track of industry regulations
  3. You're unsure of which and how many vendors to audit
  4. You have a ton of invoices passing through your AP department and are unsure if you're paying and getting paid the right amount

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you in your audit journey, from navigating complex regulations and ensuring compliance, to recovering lost profit. You have everything to gain. 

Insights to take your audit program to the next level

The downsides to not auditing your vendors impact your entire operation. And without an established vendor auditing process and program, that money that belongs back in your budget, ends up lost forever. We’ve compiled 5 Insider Tips that will Revolutionize your Next Vendor Audit.

Supply chain optimization is a hot topic right now. Managing cost and risk is like trying to stay level on a balance beam. When you tackle costs, those gains can be offset by too much risk. So how can you achieve optimal balance? 

Proven results for companies like you

Contract Compliance

Our Contract Compliance team recovered more than $2.5 million for our client – in just one year.

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Real-Time Review

One invoice review delivered 5,567% ROI.

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Final Statement Settlement Review

We recovered millions for an E&P company in less than two months.

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Disaster Response

Our rapid response delivered $2.29 million in net savings following a plant disaster.

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Third-party firms are impartial and can help maintain oversight without overextending your team

Hiring a firm doesn’t have to be a leap of faith, and it certainly shouldn’t be painful and time consuming. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself when vetting a third-party firm.

A contingency pricing model ensures that companies only get paid if they find something. What’s the upside of a contingency pricing model? What about any downsides? And what about the impact on supplier relationships? Our guide covers the myths and facts about contingency reviews so you have a full understanding.