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The word “audit” reveals the truth – reducing risk for your organization, uncovering lost revenue, detecting fraud, testing controls, and improving your bottom line. And with difficulties that arise from complex supply chains and keeping up with dozens of invoices and agreements, you have to make sure nothing is falling through the cracks.

We understand your industry and the challenges you face. We’ve put together some insights so you can return dollars back to your budget and reduce risk.

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“The Facts about Contingency Audits. And Why the Myths Don’t Hold up” covers pricing model options, supplier relationships, career impact, choosing a partner, and more. 

Managing cost and risk in supply chain optimization can be a balancing act. Learn how to receive the optimal balance. 

The downsides to not auditing can impact your entire operation. From overcharges and duplicate bills, to miscalculated rebates or discounts, they can all add up to significant losses. Here are 5 insider tips to revolutionize your next vendor audit. 

Here’s what our 25 years of oil & gas experience can do for you!

Severance Tax Recovery

We helped a large Texas oil & gas operator recover $12M in marketing costs with severance tax expertise.

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Post-Closing Reviews

Review of an independent E&P company’s Purchase and Sale Agreement led to millions of dollars recovered.

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Post-Closing Reviews

Post-Closing Reviews of client’s Purchase and Sale Agreement recovered millions within one month.

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Contract Compliance

Revenew’s Contract Compliance team recovered more than $2.5 million for our client – in just one year

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Let’s recover profits back where they belong – in your budget. 

Contract Compliance

You want contracts adhered to – and that’s not too much to ask. Our highly-specialized experts dive deep to mitigate, eliminate, and balance your risk. We’ll show you ways to get your vendors compliant and keep them compliant.

Vendor Payment Audits

Our field-tested audit strategy reveals more, so we recover more. And we don’t take up a lot of your valuable time doing it. Hard-dollar recoveries begin within 30 days of kick-off, and our fees are contingency-based: zero budgeting required. 

Performance Improvement

Who doesn’t want their entire operation to be more efficient, productive, and profitable? Our seasoned veterans reveal ways to improve – and deliver a clear road map to excellence. We’ll even do the heavy lifting to implement new best practices.

Sales Tax Recovery

Overly-complex tax codes are a challenge for any in-house staff. Our experts are CPAs and executives who’ve worked as state tax auditors. They take a specialized, localized approach to delivering what’s yours in the first place: eligible refunds. Guaranteed.