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Unexpected crises such as storms, floods, and wildfires, or other unforeseen emergencies such as spills or equipment fires are unavoidable. It’s not necessarily if it happens, but when. And during these events, critical areas are often overlooked, leading to heightened risk.

That’s where internal audit comes in–to control the aftermath and ensure an effective emergency preparedness and response plan to reduce the financial impact on your organization. 

Join Paul Pettit, VP of Performance Improvement, for a 45-minute webinar where he draws from real-life examples to shed light on neglected aspects during disasters and offers insights and strategies to bolster your resilience during crises. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Gain a better understanding of common pitfalls that are often overlooked during an emergency.
  • Discover the areas of risk that disrupt business operations and the corresponding financial consequences.
  • Evaluate key supplier risks and how their readiness can impact your emergency plans.
  • Understand contract risks and limitations that can impact your company’s ability to recover insurance claims in a timely manner.