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Business as usual. That’s a good thing.

Everyone who manufactures or transports is at risk. There are practical matters to consider: fines, lawsuits, damage to your company’s reputation. A single incident can impact stock price. Add to that the massive revenue stream that’s lost with a stoppage or shutdown. The value of your EHS program just skyrocketed.

Everyone matters.

Companies are accountable for a lot of people. Employees. Supplier teams. Community residents. Their safety, their health, and their peace of mind depend on your EHS program. And speaking of peace of mind… when you know that your program and processes are rock solid – everyone sleeps better at night!

No one is better. No one.

Revenew is your independent third-party EHS expert. Emphasis on expert. Our proficiency in this area is impressive: EHS leader Paul Pettit holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental, Health, and Safety. He and his team provide assurance that your program is optimized. And operating as intended.

Energy is where we live.

Figuratively and literally. Based in Houston, Texas, Revenew has been dominant in the oil and gas sector for decades. We serve many diverse industries, but we live and breathe energy –with a deep knowledge of its unique requirements and challenges. To your advantage.

Practice Leader

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Paul Pettit