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Why leave it to the seller?

The seller typically prepares post-closing adjustments. But do they conduct a detailed review of supporting data? Not likely. We do. It’s where we find inaccuracies and costs that are inappropriately being passed off to the buyer. Even better: the seller acceptance rate for our findings is higher than 90%.

Do reviews deliver hard-dollar results?

Yes. Well, ours do. We identify findings within 1% to 4% of reviewed transactions. One way is by meticulously verifying the date each service was performed – rather than invoice date or accounting month. Specifying service dates is a manual task. It’s time-consuming. But it pays off. 

It’s in the details.

A laser focus on the source data for transactions is what takes our final settlement statement reviews to another level. Our review will ensure that:

  • Expenditures incurred prior to the effective date are for seller’s account.
  • Revenues after the effective date are for buyer’s account.
  • Annual costs are pro-rated properly between buyer and seller.
  • Corporate costs not specific to the sold property remain seller’s responsibility.
  • Transition period fees are charged accurately.

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