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We don’t claim to do everything. Our efforts tightly focus on improving your profitability – while reducing risk. When it comes to contract compliance, cost recovery/containment, and performance improvement: our results are unmatched. We leave your bottom line, your supplier relationships, and your people even better than before.

Hiring a consulting firm doesn’t have to be a leap of faith. And working with one shouldn’t be painful or time-consuming. We consistently surprise clients – in a good way – with a rare level of experience. With people who are passionate about what matters to you. With crystal-clear transparency and quantifiable results.

Experience matters.

Every member of our team is highly skilled, highly specialized, and senior level. They are accomplished and time-tested, offering you hard-earned experience from their work in the trenches. And they will get the job done with minimal impact on your time or your suppliers’ operations.

Enduring relationships.

We are proud to have built long-standing relationships with our many blue-chip clients. We believe the trust they’ve shown us over decades is a testament to Revenew’s laser focus on customer service and results. Our clients are available to tell you about their experience working with us.

How does compensation work?

It works however you want it to. We offer a range of compensation models: contingency, hourly, fixed fee. We’ll also create a customized hybrid mix that’s the perfect fit for you.

Can a consultant be too big?

Unfortunately, most people know the answer is yes. Massive, all-encompassing consultancies need to be highly structured and rigid to succeed. And they can, at times, move at a lumbering pace. Revenew is sized – by design – to be flexible, nimble, and hands-on. It’s all about you. As it should be. 

How does Revenew’s technology measure up?

Technology never stops advancing. We see that as a good thing, and stay on the cutting edge with our proprietary automation software, sampling methodology tool, and gainIQ analytics. We leverage existing ERP systems, index databases, analytics tools, Excel, and more with our own unique technologies – to power results others don’t achieve.

What about supplier relationships?

We understand just how important your suppliers are to your business. You respect and value them. We respect and value them. By increasing transparency, we improve those relationships – to everyone’s benefit. 

Meet Our Team Leaders

Our Guiding Principles

When it comes to values, Revenew is committed to “walking the walk.” Our guiding principles serve our company, our employees, and our clients well. We will not waiver from them.

Client Service 

When it comes to service, we believe in nothing less than perfection. A laser focus on achieving this goal is deeply embedded in our culture.

Employee Recognition 

We are firm believers in results-based compensation tied directly to performance and results. Our employees have a direct, tangible impact on our clients’ success. And they are rewarded.

Community Involvement 

Every one of our employees gives back to their community by volunteering at least 40 hours a year. We back them up by matching their charitable donations – dollar for dollar. Everybody wins.

Spiritual Development 

Every business decision we make is grounded in ethics, morals, and spiritual principles. That’s why we’re proud to provide an environment where employees can choose to live their faith in the workplace.

Financial Results 

Revenew stands firmly behind the performance guarantee we offer our clients. Over our 24-year history, we’ve delivered on that promise by generating over $1.5 billion in hard-dollar recoveries and cost savings.