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An insider’s edge.

Tax codes are overly complex. And constantly changing – a challenge for any in-house staff. Our experts include CPAs and executives who’ve worked as state tax auditors. They know how to get the job done without taking up your valuable time.

We’ve got your back.

We follow state tax laws. Closely. To eliminate any exposure to added risk. Should you ever be audited as a result of our work, we’ll be there to represent and defend you.

It pays for itself.

Our recovery fees are contingency based, so no budgeting required. And we don’t charge our percentage until you have your refund in hand.

A process that delivers.

  1. Analyze. After extracting raw data for analysts to review, we focus on the top spending categories we know are consistently taxed unnecessarily.
  2. Substantiate. Field staff gathers documentation to validate and substantiate our claims. To ensure that cost reductions are accurate, all savings are calculated at the invoice level.
  3. Educate. We educate your employees and suppliers about our findings, to help them maximize your future tax savings.
  4. Deliver. We present all findings and claims for your approval before we submit to the tax commission. But our work isn’t done until your claim is granted – and your refund paid.

Practice Leader

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Richard Van Komen

Case Study

The realized tax recoveries and savings we delivered to our client averaged 400% ROI over a three-year period.