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gainIQ Discover

Better data yields better results. While most firms run 10 to 15 reports, gainIQ Discover performs over 260 tests, with 70 root cause analyses. With all claims agreed to by your suppliers and validated against your system before we present them to you. We helped one retailer recover $1.75 million in duplicate payments and P-card expenses.

gainIQ Prevent

Our continuous monitoring software prevents payment errors. Before they happen. An internal financial control, gainIQ Prevent empowers your staff to identify irregularities in-house - before payment is made.

Prevent payment error before they happen.

That’s the real question. Sure, we detect supplier errors and recover payments – more than any other firm. But we go even further. To empower your staff to understand why they happened and prevent payment errors in-house. We helped one health care company prevent $4.8 million in payment errors.

A clean master file is a safe master file.

It takes a lot of time to maintain a clean, validated master vendor file, right? Not with gain IQ’s real-time supplier monitoring module. It will catch and correct supplier record inconsistencies to mitigate enterprise risk and keep your master file under control: for the long term.

Greater efficiency? Yes, please.

Streamline your payable function by eliminating the inefficiencies that slow down your review process. Overlapping tests? Not with gainIQ Prevent's automatic consideration. False positives? Our specialized filters make them a thing of the past. 

Up and running… fast!

We handle the technical work to set up gainIQ Prevent. You provide payment and supplier files and we’ll do the rest to get your system integrated – quickly and seamlessly. Our dashboard is simple. Intuitive. View issue status, detailed metrics, and track results over time. So you can stop problems at the source.

gainIQ Software

We offer a customized gainIQ Prevent module for retail and grocery business.