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California utility company

Project Scope

When Revenew was brought in, our client had only three months left to complete the initial phase of CCPA. We dedicated a 10-person privacy management team to meet their deadline.

Revenew’s Approach

We assisted in analyzing 9,000 databases to identify the appropriate ones to include in the CCPA program. Working alongside our client, we designed a program documentation program which included the required processes and procedures. Our role included extensive work with third-party providers to refine existing automation tools and ensure proper functionality of tools for aggregating specific data and auto report generation.

When our client encountered issues during implementation of the program, we helped them to navigate and successfully resolve any challenges.


  • One month ahead of schedule, we ensured that our client was in compliance with processing of consumer requests. The system included process documentation, analysis tools, aids, and training documentation.
  • A 10-month data request backlog was eliminated in just 30 days.
  • We improved processes to overcome issues with automated query reporting tool functionality and insufficient database query logic.