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Photo of Courtney Gaspard

Currently, Courtney serves as the head of Revenew’s severance tax recovery team. Graduating from the University of Alabama with a major in Political Science, she began her career, working at the state and local level on energy policy initiatives and legislation. She swiftly transitioned into the corporate realm, working in-house at an E&P company. This invaluable experience provided her with firsthand knowledge of the intricacies of regulatory reporting and tax compliance functions within the oil and gas industry.

Eager to broaden her impact, Courtney made the leap into consulting, where she has spent the past twelve (12) years specializing in oil and gas severance tax. Throughout her career, Courtney's success has been reinforced by her expertise at leveraging data analytic tools to identify emerging opportunities and capitalize on them effectively. Her deep understanding of legislative processes, combined with her hands-on experience in the industry, uniquely positions her to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and deliver tangible results for her clients.

Areas of Expertise

  • Severance Tax
  • Federal and State Royalty Reporting
  • Data Analytics

Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, University of Alabama

Fast Facts

  • Experience in state and local energy policy
  • In-depth knowledge gained from in-house E&P roles
  • Over a decade of hands-on experience in the oil and gas industry